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One Step At A Time – Raising The Quality Of Care Through a Systematic Approach To Continuous Improvement

May 31, 2022
Aged Care Quality Management

Continuous improvement (CI) in the Care industry is a systematic, continued effort to improve the quality of care and services. The CI concept should be embedded into daily practices, and it requires a concerted focus when managing care service delivery.   Initiatives related to continuous improvement can vary from minor gradual improvements to substantial strategic activities. The ongoing goal is to enhance the quality of services provided and ultimately improve consumers’ outcomes.  In the Aged Care industry setting, providers must have a written Plan for Continuous Improvement (PCI), which explains how they will evaluate, monitor and improve their quality of care…

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Steering a Course to Good Governance and Avoiding Project Failure

April 11, 2022
Corporate governance

Good governance helps to support overall compliance in your projects, programs and portfolios. It ought to be part of your overall organisational governance structure. However, when it comes to projects such as software implementation, often project governance does not exist. In some cases, it is simply a project structure that is left to the project team to handle. This looseness may be to blame when a project fails. To glean why first we need to understand what project governance is. The roots of the word give us an insight into governance, and that in itself helps describe the high-level areas…

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International Women’s Day 2022 – Celebrating Women in the Care Industry

March 8, 2022
International Women's Day

At ionMy, we strongly value the contributions made to our communities by women. This March 8th we celebrate and show our appreciation for the work and efforts of the mothers, sisters, aunties, daughters and grandmothers that work so hard in building a better environment for the care sector. This year’s International Women’s Day campaign theme is #BreakTheBias. Whether deliberate or unconscious, the bias makes it difficult for women to move ahead. Knowing that bias exists isn’t enough, action is needed to level the playing field. International Women’s Day is a movement that has been recognised for over 100 years. And…

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Finding True Fulfilment In The Care Sector – ionMy interviews Martin Riddell from ADDSI

February 22, 2022
home care Australia

Our ionMy team interviewed Martin Riddell, Continuous Improvement Manager at ADSSI, to find out more about his experience in the care sector and learn some valuable lessons and insights into the present and future of the industry. In this heart-warming interview, Martin shared wonderful stories, including how he has found true fulfilment working in the care sector and has been supported by the most caring team at ADSSI. Enjoy the read! ionMy: Hi Martin, how are you? I hope you are doing well. Thank you for taking the time to speak with the ionMy team about your professional life and…

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Aged care Risk Management in 2022: Challenges and Opportunities

January 12, 2022
Aged care Risk Management in 2022- Challenges and Opportunities

Aged Care providers have a primary responsibility to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of care recipients, which in present times have proven to be more challenging and riskier than ever. Managing risk in the aged care industry is a complex issue, particularly given the vulnerability of both patients and staff and the environmental factors associated with workplaces of this nature.  As per the International Risk Management Standard ISO 31000:2018, the definition of risk is the “effect of uncertainty on objectives.” In today’s environment, it could not be closer to the daily life and concerns of aged care workers. Staff…

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Digital Transformation: Enabling the Future of Better Care

October 20, 2021
Care Sector Technology

As the emergence and increased reliance on technology across all industries continue, the aged care industry is no different. With a growing number of care operators adopting new technologies to provide more efficient and better care, in addition to recommendations made by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, it is abundantly clear that technology has become an enabler in this regard.   Further, with the Covid-19 pandemic also fuelling the use of technology within the aged care sector, a digital transformation of the industry is taking place as we speak, with providers having to rely more heavily…

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An Insider’s View Of How Technology Can Bridge Gaps, Reduce Risks & Create Efficiencies To The Care Sector

September 11, 2021
ionMy Interviews Emily Wilson

This month, our Marketing Manager Renata Reis spoke with Emily Wilson, ionMy’s Technical Project Manager. With over 10 years of industry-specific experience, Emily brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. She is a visionary who has the ability to think out of the box when solutions are difficult to identify.  At the interview, Emily shared some useful insights around technology usage in the care sector, including issues around big data, systems integration, as well as tips for professionals considering joining the care industry workforce. Renata: Hi Emily, how are you? Hope you are doing well. If we…

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Keeping Aged Care Cyber-Safe

June 25, 2021
Cybersecurity in the care sector

The increased reliance on technology goes hand in hand with a greater need for cybersecurity across all industries, with solid cybersecurity measures within the health and aged care sectors critical to ensuring the ongoing protection of sensitive, personal, and medical-related data. Data and technology have been common themes throughout the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. The term technology or technologies is mentioned 26 times in the 107 pages Final Report, including recommendations for broader adoption of digital care systems. Following significant cybersecurity attacks and breaches in the past years, in addition to the Royal Commission recommendations, the…

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