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Effective from:  October 2023

  • All prices are excluding GST.
  • Time worked on projects is tracked in 15-minute increments.


Project Work

 Hourly Rate


Project Director  $ 350 Implementation/Larger projects only.
Project Manager  $ 275 Implementation/Larger projects only.
Senior Consultant  $ 275 E.g. Business Analyst, Configuration Strategy, custom programming.
Consultant  $ 200 (all other activities: Config, Training, Integration, Data Migration, Reporting)


Data Entry  $ 90 Keying in data only (e.g. if import/scripts not used). Assumes necessary configuration has been done separately.
Travel Expenses  Billed at cost On-site visits for training etc. Includes transport, fares, parking, accommodation and meals.


Fixed Cost

Implementation (existing Integration*) $ 2,500 One-off fee for implementing an existing Integration: Payable in advance
Annual Fee $ 1,500 Payable in advance upon implementation
* If a new Integration is needed, cost for Implementation will be $4,000.