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Demonstrate compliance with ease through ionMy integrated Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, Accreditation and Quality platform

The care sector is facing unprecedented pressures. Increasing regulatory scrutiny, changing regulations, cost management, and expanding workloads can make meeting the needs of consumers more difficult and put mounting pressures on service providers.  

Using our proven, reliable, and scalable solution you accomplish:

  • Assistance managing QCAB and Consumer Advisory requirements
  • Registers and Calendars to support Compliance
  • SIRS Management including external reporting needs
  • IPC Self Assessments
  • Public Feedback access via QR code, URL links and Surveys
  • Standardised processes to ensure effective risk management
  • Embedded continuous improvement in key areas
  • Evidence for oversight of data, events, processes, and notifications
  • Clarity around accreditation requirements and standards
  • Increased and demonstrable client safety and security
  • Standardised auditing for greater transparency and tracking
  • Greater visibility and insight across your organisation with near real-time data
  • Timely new act inclusions e.g. Breach of Statement of Rights and Breach of Code of Conduct Incident Reporting.

Aged Care Reforms and how ionMy can assist

Provide better and safer care

Be confident that you and your team are making the right decisions with ionMy. As the pioneering GRC solution for your sector, we continue to provide a highly industry-suited and reliable integrated Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solution. Our framework efficiently meets regulatory requirements, allowing you to focus on delivering better and safer care.

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Our experience enables us to provide you with an easy-to-use tool for calculating quantifiable benefits, which you can incorporate into your business case.

Case Studies

Access case studies to learn how ionMy has assisted businesses to enhance compliance and operate more efficiently.

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