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Gain Analytics & Insights

Enhance Your Productivity & Efficiency

Address Increasing Compliance Requirements

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance solutions designed for the care (aged, community, disability, indigenous) and retirement sectors .

The care sector is facing unprecedented pressures. Demonstrate compliance with ease, through ionMy evidence based platform.

ionMy delivers return on investment

Our robust pioneer Governance, Risk & Compliance software will create efficiencies and cost-savings for your organisation. ionMy GRC can deliver tangible financial and operational benefits, contributing to a compelling return on investment.

Faster return on investment through immediate operational improvements and long-term cost savings.

Detailed ROI tracking and reporting to demonstrate value to stakeholders and support funding decisions.

Discover for yourself, we provide a quantifiable benefits calculator for you to evaluate your own outcomes.

Address Compliance Challenges and Future-Proof Your Organisation

Streamline Your Compliance with Our Comprehensive Suite

Access a wide range of templates, policies, and procedures tailored to meet your reform agenda. Ensure your organisation stays ahead of regulatory changes with ease.

Enhance Safety with QR Code Posters

Implement QR code posters for quick and efficient hazard and incident reporting. Empower your team to capture and address issues promptly.

Demonstrate Compliance with Confidence

Leverage ionMy’s evidence-based systems to effortlessly showcase adherence to auditing requirements. Maintain high standards with minimal hassle.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Join the ranks of leading care operators who rely on our award-winning platform. ionMy enables the care industry to operate at the highest standards, ensuring consumers receive care with the utmost safety and dignity.

Platform Overview

Achieve better outcomes for people in your care by gaining greater visibility and insight across your organisation.

Implement a governance and risk framework designed specifically for organisations in aged care, disability and community care. ionMy’s robust and comprehensive system evolved throughout the years with the direct input of leading care operators within Australia.

Reduce the compliance burden.

Learn more about ionMy: why and what.